(All sessions are offered both in office and online)

Initial Individual Consultation:

In your consultation session, you will have the opportunity to learn some basics of plant-based nutrition and mind/body health. This is an opportunity to ask questions specific to you and discuss your goals. You will learn some simple ways to begin integrating healthy foods into your lifestyle and discuss options for making an overall health game plan.

90 MINUTES: $200

Individual Sessions:

After the initial consultation, individual sessions are a great way to check in with your health and get ongoing guidance in your eating and lifestyle choices. You will have the opportunity to voice your nutritional questions & concerns and receive individualized nutritional recommendations that support your progress towards your optimal healthy future.

60 MINUTES: $90

90 MINUTES: $135

Baby Steps : 4 sessions

Little by little, explore a healthier approach towards optimal health. You will have the opportunity to work with Laura and receive support as you begin to live in this healthier way. This package includes four sessions (60 minutes each).


All in Health : 8 sessions

With 8 weeks of sessions, you will have support as you develop your healthier lifestyle and put it into a more sustained practice. This is ideal for someone looking to heal and reverse illness or make a significant lifestyle change for other dietary reasons. This package includes eight sessions (60 minutes each).


Healthy Living Email List:


For $25/month you can be on Laura’s Healthy Living email list where she will send email updates linking to articles about healthy eating and lifestyle that she curates weekly through her communities of doctors, scientists, and renowned health experts worldwide.

Payment Options:

Please bring cash or check for in office appointments.

For Skype sessions please email for paypal instructions


What you will learn in sessions:

+ We will go over your current nutrition/eating choices and determine significant objectives for you that encourage plant-based nutrition. You can share what you are looking to gain from the sessions.

+ Laura will share research on plant based health. You will learn some basics of what is a whole food plant-based diet and lifestyle.

+ Discuss transitioning to a plant-based diet and how you can incorporate various strategies and tips for healthy eating choices into your daily diet.

Transitioning support

+ Discuss how to support your personal health goals. Address what works for you.

+ Keep it simple and effective!

Sustaining a whole food plant-based diet and lifestyle

+ On-going sessions and support to learn about healthy foods; dig deeper into the healing aspects of plant-based nutrition and how this directly translates into your overall health goals.

+ Simple changes leads to profound improvement!

+Successful strategies for healthy eating choices